It’s a lot less interesting that way, though…

“The computer–it’s been programmed to take over the complex!  It’s locked all the doors and started the self-destruct sequence!”

“Oh?  Okay, I got it.”  Flips a couple of breakers. “There we go, the computer’s shut down.”

“But… but…  that’s it?”

“Yeah, what did you expect?”

“That we’d have to crawl through the air ducts to reach the power supply.”

“Nope, the breaker for the computer room’s fed from this panel here–see, it’s labeled ‘Feed For Computer Room Outlets’, breakers 31-33.”

“But–I was all ready to crawl through the ducts…”

“Yeah, well, if you can fit through a 6 inch duct and weigh less than ten pounds, knock yourself out.”

“But all the doors are locked!”

“Actually the mag locks drop out when the power goes, and the building master will open them.”

“But… we’ve got another half an hour of movie left to fill!”

“Oh, well, if you want something to do, here’s some Spackle, why don’t you start filling in all the holes you guys shot in the walls.”

Sigh. “This is very unsatisfying…”

“Sorry, buddy, but, you know, we design these things with the possibility of failure in mind.”

(This is why you don’t want to watch an action thriller with a maintenance guy.)


About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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2 Responses to It’s a lot less interesting that way, though…

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  2. Love it! (sound of me laughing)

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