Webcomics (Because I Don’t Want To Talk About Anything Serious)

Okay, in no particular order, these are some of the webcomics that I follow.  (For those not familiar with the concept, a webcomic is a comic that is posted on the web.  Bet you could have figured that out yourself, huh?)

The links posted below are for the first comic of the series, so that you can start from the beginning, which I think is important for many of them.  Some of these have been published for years and have long involved storylines with a large cast of characters.

The Order Of The Stick:  You don’t have to be a Dungeons & Dragons geek to love OOTS, but it sure helps.  It starts being heavy on the D&D in-jokes, but takes off in some strange directions from there.  Epic fantasy meets soap opera, with a healthy dose of self-referential absurdist humor.

Girl Genius:  Pure and simple, one of the best stories published on-line.  The art is amazing, the story is compelling, the characters are lovable (even the villains have an irresistible charm) and the story itself is surprisingly weighty–issues like love and loyalty and honor are dealt with seriously, even when the characters are driving giant steam-powered robots and such.

Oglaf: Be advised, this one is mostly not safe for work, or around small children, or for people who find bizarre sexual kinks offensive.  However, it is frequently very funny and often thought-provoking in a somewhat disturbing way.  Medieval Fantasy plus humor plus BDSM plus random observations on the human condition.

XKCD: This guy is really, really smart.  The first comics are evidently taken from his school notebooks, so you can see his evolution as an artist and a writer and a scientist.  He deals with science and human relationships with refreshing honesty and occasional brutal insights.  Also, check out the “What If?” link at the top of the page–he has a weekly column where he uses physics to answer questions like “What if everyone on the Earth stood in one place and jumped?” and “How many BB guns would it take to stop a runaway train?”

The Trenches:   Okay, this one is about people who test video games.  Yeah, I didn’t know that was a job, either.  Judging from both the comic and the “Tales From The Trenches” feature (stories sent in from readers) it’s not a great job.  But it is a funny comic, mixing office humor with gamer humor.

Okay, so, there’s that.

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