Notes From All Over

I’ve had kind of rough week, health-wise, a sinus issue that has left me tired and achy and out of sorts, and has cut my productivity.  The famous schizo-effective Saint Louis weather hasn’t helped.  (Monday: sunny and fair, Tuesday: blizzard, Wednesday: monsoon, Thursday: rains of blood and fire, Friday: sunny and fair.) It’s like living inside a barometric chamber at a children’s museum where toddlers get to mash the buttons at random.

Despite that, I have added at least a sentence or two each day, so I don’t feel like I’m abandoning Cannibal Hearts.

Plus I wrote a poem last night, so my writery-thingy isn’t broken, I’ve just been running on backup power for a week or so.  It happens.

I got my first review on Catskinner’s Book from someone who didn’t like the novel last night.  I still wouldn’t call it an unfavorable review, she gave it three stars and simply said that the characters didn’t engage her–fair enough.  My work won’t appeal to everyone.  I’m actually quite pleased that she bothered to finish it.

It was a review from Story Cartel, my third, and honestly guys, I cannot recommend that site highly enough.  The reviews I have gotten from Story Cartel readers have all been very well-written, honest, and thoughtful.  It’s a fairly new site, and Joe is still working out some bugs, but he’s managed to attract a large pool of readers.

Planning a new road trip with MzSusanB, this time to New Orleans.  I mean, come on, everyone goes to New Orleans for mardi gras,  the cool kids go to New Orleans for lent. Seriously though, we could both use a couple of days on the road, see some new sky, get away from the day jobs and the cats.  No biggie, a day down there, a couple of days wandering the city, get some good catfish (me)  and take pictures (her) then back on the road home.

So for MzSusanB’s Flickr fans, expect some southern exposure in the first part of March.

I’ve been binge viewing Lost Girl, my Fairy Soap Opera (as opposed to Walking Dead, which is my Zombie Soap Opera).  Lost Girl is a wonderful series for Urban Fantasy fans, the Fae social structure is wonderfully complex and Bo, raised outside the Light and Dark courts, is a bull in a china shop, blundering around and messing with things she doesn’t understand.  The world of Lost Girl is believable because the myriad convoluted rules and traditions of the Fae explain how they have been able to maintain secrecy for so long–a subject that I think sometimes gets overlooked in Urban Fantasy.

Plus Bo has a lot of hot sex with all manner of genders and species.  So there’s that.

I seem to be collecting musical soundtracks on my Kindle.  Being able to blare showtunes at maximum volume on my way to work makes having to get up before dawn so much more enjoyable.  And I think the kids benefit from getting to hear “I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight” played outside their dorms at 7 am.

We’ve been watching OSHA movies at work.  Ladder safety, electrical safety, confined space safety, and on and on.  I think there are sixteen DVDs in this set.  The style of these movies is so distinctive, I find myself wanted to somehow use them in my work.  Given how Cannibal Hearts is evolving, I’m sure I can–it’s just not ripe yet.

Ran across another book site the other day, Ebooks Plus.  I haven’t really checked them out, but the basic concept seems to be that it’s ad-supported.  Readers download books for free that contain ads and the authors get paid by the advertisers.  I’ll try downloading a few to check out the quality before I consider submitting my own work.  I don’t think I’d want to put any The Book Of Lost Doors series out that way, but I might consider it as a platform for the Knight And The Princess.

New Indiegogo campaign, local author/bookseller/publishing entrepreneur Robin Tidwell is looking to raise funds to expand Rocking Horse Publishing.  Check it out.

Okay, I think that’s about it.  Back to work.


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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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  1. lala1966 says:

    hope you are feeling better! Have a great time in New Orleans!

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