Secret Project F

Okay, keep in mind that I have just worked two ten hour days digging the campus out from under five inches of snow, and I’m tired.  Probably too tired to be posting about a project that I want to do, but, hey, Fortune Favors The Bold! (I always say that when I’m about to do something stupid.)

These are some initial thoughts that I have had about what I am calling Secret Project F.  Yes, I am still being cagey about the theme, that’s primarily because I want to make sure that I have all the bugs worked out on the concept before I share much about it.  I’d rather have the whole anthology bible available for people to read at once.  A few things that I can share is that the stories will be set in the contemporary world after a major event occurs that will have serious repercussions.

  • Secret Project F will primarily be a promotional tool for the authors involved.  Price will be low to free, and any of the contributing authors will be allowed to give away copies of the entire file as part of their own promotions.  
  • Authors will retain all rights to their individual stories and can publish them elsewhere.
  • There will be one general editor, probably me, but I would certainly be willing to step aside for someone who actually possesses something resembling a clue.  The general editor will have full creative control of the finished project, cover, formatting, which stories are included and in what order, and so on.
  • Authors have the right to withdraw their work from the project at any time if they feel that the general editor isn’t playing nice.
  • Stories can be of any length up to 40,000 words.
  • Authors will be able to read the entire project prior to publication, and will be strongly encouraged to proof the entire project.  Many eyes will catch more errors.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now.  I hope to have a basic outline of the anthology bible and a start on my own story this weekend, although I am still working on Cannibal Hearts as well.  Oh, and I have to go into work tomorrow to throw salt, too. 

Please, pretty please with sugar on top, let me know what I’m not thinking of, because I’m sure that there are problems with this idea that I’m not seeing.  In order for this to work I am going to need a lot of help.

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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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4 Responses to Secret Project F

  1. The only thing that throws up a flag, at the moment, is the length. I mean, if you have 10 authors, you have a potential for 400K words. That’s a really big book, either E- or tree-. 40K is really a novella, versus a short story.

  2. alicem2013 says:

    Sounds good to me! I would read it! Considering the topic, It does sound like a pretty big book (would still read it) depends on how many authors there are.

  3. Agree with Robin about the length of the stories – and depending on the subject I may know another couple of authors (apart from me) who may be interested in contributing.

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