There and back again

Okay, so I am back in town and back to work.  It was a fun trip, and I actually ended up learning some useful things about riverboats that I can use in Cannibal Hearts.  (Gonna have to rewrite some–riverboats don’t have “belowdecks”–they don’t draft enough.  The engine room is actually above the waterline.  Who knew?)

Pretty darned close to the Missouri Maiden.

Pretty darned close to the Missouri Maiden.

Other than that, I’ve got a pretty good handle on how a riverboat is laid out. I’d looked at plans, but being able to walk the deck and poke around helped so much. Plus it was fun! (And the food was nummy!)

In general, New Orleans is a good place to go for food.  There was a little local chain (the server said she thinks they have three locations) called VooDoo BBQ that had the best BBQ I ever had.  It’s where the locals eat.

We saw the infamous French Quarter–yesterday we had breakfast on Bourbon street (Which sounds like it should be the name of a Tom Waits album) in a fab-uu-lous little place called the Clover Cafe.   I didn’t try to see Bourbon street at night–early in the morning was bad enough for my sensory overload. I don’t deal well with too much stimulation, it’s part of the kind of crazy I have.

The part where she cooked and he washed the dishes was so touching.

The part where she cooked and he washed the dishes was so touching.

MzSusanB, of course, took the good photographs–she’s already started putting some up on her Flickr page.

Expect to see more, she’ll likely write a “Just Visiting” blog about it, I’ll link to it when she does.

I did quite a bit of writing on The Fauxpocalypse Project while we were there.  I absolutely LOVE the Belkin Bluetooth Keyboard for my Kindle Fire HD.  I’ve never really liked laptop keyboards, but this one works for me.  After I got started I didn’t have to think about the keys anymore, I could concentrate on making the story happen.

And as for that, July 16th, Part One is now up on The Fauxpocalypse Project.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  I am going to need authors–please consider writing a story for it.  The plan is for all of to promote the book of short stories to get our work to readers, who, it is to be hoped, will then buy our individual books.  Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Okay, time to renew my relationship with They Who Must Be Petted.  Oh, and I still have that other novel to write.

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