MzSusanB’s version of our New Orleans trip

MzSusanB's Just Visiting

BlitzTours is what I’m gonna call my business when I open it: It will cater solely to those of us who suffer from RoadTrip-itis.

The criteria: Where can you go, how fast can you get there, how cheaply can you overnight, and what can you see?

Google Maps sez that from St. Louis, New Orleans is a mere ten hours straight down I-55.

Piece. O. Cake.

(Except that the roads in Northern Mississippi suck-with-a-capital-S, and they have some of the dullest scenery in early March.) Also, no matter what your GPS says, do not take the Huey Long Bridge, not even on a bet (altho’ in this case, I suspect Gloria, my GPS, was just pissed because we wouldn’t go to NOLa via Atlanta.)

ClifNotes version: Drive all day Thursday. Arrive at TravelLodge, Harvey, Louisiana. Sleep. Get up. Find beignets & coffee, wander around, take riverboat tour of the harbor. Take pictures. Lots of…

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