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Well, that is to say that this post here says, in part, “…if you want to answer the following questions, consider yourself officially tagged.” So I’ll do just that.

Now, she also took the opportunity to have one of her characters answer the questions (but you already knew that because you read the post, right?) so I think I will do the same.  So here are Agony Delapour’s answers to Michelle’s questions: 

Which animal would you choose to rule the world? (humans don’t count)


Do you sing in the shower? Best song?

I do not.  

Folk music — yay or nay?

Whatever you want to listen is fine with me, dear. 

Why did the chicken cross the road?

It was most likely either seeking food or escaping a predator. 

A historical figure comes back to life, and you have one afternoon to spend with them. Who is it, and what do you do?

Hermann Goring.  We would discuss the present whereabouts of certain assets seized by the German government during the Second World War.  I do not anticipate that he would enjoy the conversation. 

Which is cooler — flip phones or smart phones?

Flip phones are cheaper.  I change phones frequently, and price is a consideration. 

If your life were a colour, what colour would it be and why?

Red. Of course.  The reason should be obvious. 

If you could be the author of either Twilight or Fifty Shades, which would you choose?

Twilight, of course.  Better residuals. 

When you read the number “9″, do you immediately say, “Number nine, number nine” like in that Beatles song?

I do not. 

Unicorns or pegasi?

Unicorns.  Pegasi are impractical–they could never actually fly. 

What is the evillest corporation on this planet?

I have no working definition of “evil”, much less “evillest”. 

Thanks, Michelle–this was fun.

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5 Responses to Tagged by Michelle Proulx!

  1. Hahaha pegasi are impractical. Awesome.

  2. I definitely believe I don’t know everything. Great read!

  3. tracycembor says:

    Unicorns require virgins, which are not an easy resource to maintain. Virgins have a bad habit of getting into haylofts together, then you have to wait for them to make another virgin to replace them.

    Pegasi are much easier to maintain. I also have not heard of any weird dietary constraints like flying reindeer do with their special reindeer feed.

    Pegasi may not be the most practical, but they are certainly easier to maintain.

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