Win A Date With Misha!

Hubba hubba!

Hubba hubba!

Well, okay, I’m using “date” in the sense of “I’ll read your manuscript and let you know what I think of it.”

See, recently I have gotten several manuscripts as a beta reader, and I have found that I really enjoy reading and workshopping fiction.

So, I figure that since I have a number of other authors who read this blog, I’d just go ahead and put up a page specifically for people who are looking for a beta reader for their book.  

So there’s a form over there for you to put in your name and e-mail address and a brief description of your book, and if it looks like something I want to check out, I’ll contact you.

Now, be advised, I make no claims to being an editor, and all I am offering is my opinion as a reader of fiction.  Think of me as a very tiny focus group.  I may give notes, if things occur to me, and I will try to give every book my full attention.  So if I already have a couple of manuscripts to read, I might not be able to read yours for a while.

Also be advised that I am looking for fiction, and that I tend to prefer speculative fiction.  There are a lot of really good books out there that have an audience that doesn’t include me, and yours might be one of them.

All I can promise, really, is my honest opinion.  I try not to be unkind, but if I don’t like something, I’ll say I don’t like it.  If possible, I’ll tell you why.  Sometimes, though, something just isn’t to my taste and I can’t really explain why.

Why am I doing this?  Well, mostly because I am looking for things to read and I enjoy seeing works in progress.  I have read some really excellent work from new writers lately and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to be able to offer constructive feedback.

I am not a substitute for getting a real editor, I don’t charge money, and I can’t give you a referral to any agents or publishers.  So I can’t really help you get published–all I can do is offer my personal opinion about if it’s ready to publish, and I urge you to take that as nothing more than one man’s opinion.


About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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13 Responses to Win A Date With Misha!

  1. fortyoneteen says:

    That’s a new look for you Misha… very – coquettish!

  2. So if Playboy bunnies are girls … does that make you a Playboy hare?

    Also, congrats (is that the right word? lol) on deciding to become a beta reader. I may just take you up on that offer a few months down the road … provided you haven’t gotten sick of me by then. It’s only a matter of time, really 😀

  3. Well, okay, I’m using “date” in the sense of “I’ll read your manuscript and let you know what I think of it.” <<< Hahaa….. if that's the idea of dating- I've been "dating" for years and haven't even known it. Great idea by the way; good luck with that. :0)

  4. p.s. You know that side fuzz totally looks like part of the “hat”.

  5. I’ll vouch for Misha as a beta reader. He’s been very helpful with my own work 🙂
    Love the ears.

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