Ladies And Gentlemen, Boys And Girls Of All Ages!

Okay folks, if you live in or near St. Louis, MO, or you can make the trip to St. Louis, MO over the summer, I urge you to get tickets for Circus Flora’s Summer 2013 show, “A Trip To The Moon”. 

It will be running from May 30 to June 23, and tickets are available through the website (via Metrotix) or by phone.

Why?  Because this is a chance to see a live circus performance in the old tradition.  Circus Flora presents their shows as an episodic review, a single narrative told in various acts.  It is a style which has been passed down virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages, and it is a style which is unfortunately dying.

This is a locally owed and operated troupe of performers who are  schooled in the skills and traditions of travelling performers, a piece of living history preserved in the 21st Century.  The work in an intimate venue, playing directly to the audience.  There are no cameras, no video tricks, just flesh and blood, artists and audience sharing the wonder of their art.

Really, I can’t say enough about them.  I blogged about the troupe last year, but I had just started my blog then and I didn’t have much of a readership.  Now, I have more followers, and by gum I am going to use my influence in the blogosphere to promote something I genuinely believe in.

Go to the show.  It is worth buying a ticket.  It is worth making a road trip.  In fact, if you are from out of the area and you want help planning a trip, message me.  I’ll help you with maps, help you find a decent hotel if you want to stay overnight.  This isn’t something that you can see just anywhere.


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