Bad Graduation Advice


Dysfunctional Literacy

With graduation season comes lots of rambling speeches and lots of advice.  Most of the advice that I’ve heard (from snippets on television and videos) is pretty bad.  “Reach for the stars” is bad advice.  “Find a job that you love” is bad advice.  The problem with this advice is that it’s coming from people who probably shouldn’t give advice to college or high school graduates. 

Colleges should make a guy like me their graduation speaker (except I’m not a good public speaker.  They should get a guy LIKE me who is NOT me).  I’m not a celebrity or any kind of famous person.  I’m just a moderately successful guy that nobody has heard of.  I’ve held the same kind of job for 25 years.  I’ve (somehow) stayed employed through several recessions.  I’m married with kids.

From a graduate’s point of view, I’m a boring guy with a boring life.  But…

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