More on the mystery

Okay, so my previous post  explains the situation I found myself in this morning.  I sent out an e-mail to the seller who was offering my book, LVPAULSDVDSANDMORE, and got an answer back right away, he apologized, explained that he bought a group of new books at a sale and mine was in it, and said he would take mine off his storefront right away.  (I didn’t ask him to do that, he volunteered.)

I really wish I could leave feedback on his storefront concerning how well he handled my e-mail, but I can’t since I haven’t bought anything from him.  (Yet–I am going cruise his store in a bit and see if there is anything I need.  I frequently need movies and I think that ethical behavior in businesses should be rewarded.)

So that part is taken care of.  Now, as it happens, the area code listed for his customer service is the area that I shipped one of my GoodReads giveaways to, so I feel the case, while circumstantial, is fairly solid.  Interestingly enough, that particular account on GoodReads has been deleted.  (Side note:  Don’t ever screw with a former repo man.  We can find anything.)

Now, as to my feelings.  I’m hurt.  I feel like Elisa in John Seinbeck’s “The Chrysanthemums” .  I wanted to share something that I had put my heart and soul into something and I gave it someone and she didn’t even fucking read it.  I think that’s the thing that bothers me the most.  If she had sold it as used, I’d be fine with that.  I’d be happy–because it would make me feel like she liked it enough to want to share it.

Backing away from my diva moment, the version that I sent out for that giveaway is one that I’d just as soon not have on the market, anyway.  There aren’t any page numbers, there’s no “About The Author” page, and a there are several errors that have been corrected in the current version.

So my wanting the reseller to take it off his sales page wasn’t an entirely emotional reaction.  This incident has really soured me on GoodReads giveaways in general.  They are just too easy to sign up for.  Between the cost of the copies and the cost of shipping, I blew nearly a hundred bucks on that promotion, and I got nothing back. Not one review on GoodReads or on Amazon.  I do have a lot of people who listed it on their “Want To Read” list, but I don’t really think many of them actually want to read it–they just wanted a free book to sell.

Raggle snargle friggle fraggle. 


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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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17 Responses to More on the mystery

  1. Sorry that happened. I’ve wondered about the usefulness of the giveaways since I hear so much about them. I was told that my book being on a ‘to-read’ list isn’t a guarantee, but the person might buy it when they’re looking for a read. How many books did you do your giveaway for? Did you sign them?

    • MishaBurnett says:

      On GoodReads I sent out five, unsigned. I have since done giveaways on StoryCartel and on a book blogger’s site and gotten a much better return. I’m not against giveaways in general, just on GoodReads.

      • Is Storycartel free and easy to sign up for? I’m looking at it now and I’m wondering if it’s a site I can simply set my book up on and walk away while I run a month long giveaway.

      • Dang it. It requires giving it away for free and I’m in KDP Select.

      • MishaBurnett says:

        Yes, to both. What they do is allow writers to offer free e-books in exchange for reviews. Not everyone who downloads a copy of the e-book posts a review, but those who do post a review and provide a link are entered into a drawing for copies of the physical book.

        I think it’s a very worthwhile promotional site, and I found the owner, Joe, to be a good man to work with. I strongly recommend them, and I intend to promote my next book through them.

      • MishaBurnett says:

        Ah, yes KDP select would be an issue. You can always cancel KDP for a month and then sign up again. That’s what I did.

  2. Yeah this is not a good situation, but I’ll bet it happens frequently

  3. I’m done with Goodreads, for several reasons.

    I had a similar situation months ago, a third party seller had listed my book as “new” on Amazon. This wasn’t one of the big conglomerate sellers, but just a guy and a garage. There’s a difference. Anyway, he claimed that he’d gotten the book on a giveaway. When I pointed out that no one in his area had been a recipient, he turned nasty. Told me a friend had read it and it was so awful the friend was throwing it away; instead, he offered to take it and sell it.

    I pointed out that if his friend had read it, it was no longer new… that shut him up and the book disappeared!

  4. LindaGHill says:

    Wow, what an absolute mess! Nothing is easy though I guess. Sorry you’re going through it…
    As a yet unpublished author I’m starting to wonder if it’s all worth the hassle.

    • MishaBurnett says:

      Yes, it is worth it. I do post about troubles when they come up, because I want to share with other authors who may be having similar problems, but I don’t mean to be discouraging. I honestly believe that there is no better time to be a writer than right now.

  5. It’s great that your situation turned out in a positive manner. You could have gotten stuck with one of the less savory people who were mentioned in the comments here and had a headache. I read the first half yesterday and I was glad to see the resolution today. 🙂

    • MishaBurnett says:

      I have found that if I expect people to be reasonable and treat them as potential friends, the overwhelming majority of them will react in kind. If I had gotten all huffy and accused him of wrongdoing, this may well have ended differently. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, let him know that I thought he had made an honest mistake, and it turned out I was right.

      I think a lot of people go on the attack way too early, and hostility breeds hostility.

  6. I’ve been ok with the Goodreads Giveaways because at least it brings the book(s) to some people’s attention, so I look at it as a form of advertising. I do wish they had some tracking or some kind of accountability. Maybe they will, in time. The StoryCartel seems interesting so I put something up there. Did you just let their site find readers or did you spend money on one of their “packages”? Those seemed a bit pricey to me. I wonder how many users they actually have. Curious to hear more about that experience

    • MishaBurnett says:

      Mine was one of the first books featured when he started the site, actually. I offered free downloads and a chance to win a paperback in exchange for reviews. I din’t know that he had any paid packages available.

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