And now for a few things completely different

Interesting weekend.

First, I became aware that Amazon also has a venue for submitting screenplays, both to Amazon directly and for shopping out to independent filmmakers.  Well, as it happens, I  have a screenplay, or, to be technical, half of a screenplay that I wrote with my ex-wife.

So I’m working on reformatting it from .pdf to .rtf because they also have a utility for creating storyboards that I really want to check out.  I’ve contacted my ex, and she’s given me permission to load it, and I’ll post a link once I have the whole presentation together.

It’s a good screenplay, actually.  We wrote it for the 3d (and I believe, last) season of Project Greenlight, and it was one of the top six finalists.  (It lost out to Feast, which I thought was a pretty pedestrian.) It was also optioned by Neo Art & Logic, who let the option expire.

The thing is, my ex and I wrote this script about ten years ago, pre-Twilight, pre-True Blood, pre-Warm Bodies, and at the time the idea of a romantic horror movie where the female lead was one of the monsters was pretty far out there. Nowadays, it’s probably going to be seen as derivative. Ah, well, we’ll see what happens.

Also, today we went to a promotional event for Circus Flora–they did a little science show on how circus acts are done.  It was fun, and a good day for it.  What is interesting is that I was approached by one of the organizers of the circus, who recognized me from the blog post I wrote (and posted to Circus Flora’s Facebook page).  He thanked me for the promotion, which I thought was damned decent of him.

So, I’m becoming a local celebrity.   (I’m thinking that having really distinctive facial hair probably didn’t hurt.)

Butch&Flynt: Too Cute To Kill

Butch&Flynt: Too Cute To Kill

On the writing front, I am working through my big boss battle and I finally did something that I’ve been threatening for a while–I put my cat Flynt in my book and killed him off.  He’s developed a couple of really annoying attention seeking behaviors that we’re trying to work on, and it’s been frustrating.  So I blew off  some steam by making him the size of a lion and having Catskinner take him out.

And my photographer friend Sean Posey just posted a picture of me that he took a few years back with a link to this blog.  It’s that platform thing, you know.

The day’s turned rainy and cool–good napping weather.  I think I’ll have a Newcastle and see if I can find an old drive-in movie, a B-movie with some pretty girls running away from an extra in a rubber suit.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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5 Responses to And now for a few things completely different

  1. Actually, it sounds like a twist to me because it’s typically the male lead as the monster and the female lead as the human.

    • MishaBurnett says:

      That’s true actually. We started the project with a kind of B-movie “Zombie Hellcats In High Heels” sensibility, and while the tone shifted significantly, we stayed with the female monsters motif.

  2. Love the putting your cat into your book and then killing him off. I’ll have to remember that next time wakes me up at 5am by sitting on my face.

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