First, Tell No Harm

Don’t really have anything to add to this at the moment.

According To Hoyt

Yesterday, when I was stuck for what to blog about, I asked Robert for suggestions.  Blocking on blogs happens.  To me, it happens way more often than blocking on fiction. Usually I have a week a month when this is really hard to do, but it’s not always the obvious one.  For instance you would think that I’d have blocked hard last week, but I didn’t.  I’d sit down, and the idea for what to write was RIGHT THERE.  I just sometimes didn’t have the strength to carry it with aplomb.

Anyway, this week I’m blocking practically every night (I’m trying to write them at night, as that leaves me in better shape to write during the day.)  There’s probably other issues at work, like I haven’t gone out for walks, because I have to be on hand for older son, so he doesn’t do stupid things like fall down…

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