Publishing with iUniverse — Yea or Nay?

A very good review of the publishing service iUniverse.

Before we get into the nitty gritty details of this topic, let’s begin with establishing what exactly iUniverse is, and what makes it different from traditional publishing and self-publishing. In a nutshell, there are three types of publishing:

publishing chartSo there’s the breakdown. iUniverse is an assisted/vanity publisher, meaning you pay them money and they publish your book for you. Assisted/vanity publishers have a God-awful reputation amongst self-published authors, due to their tendency to squeeze authors for every penny they have. There have also been all sorts of lawsuits filed over missed/inaccurate royalty payments, publishing books without the author’s permission, etc. On the other hand, many authors have gone with assisted/vanity publishers and been perfectly satisfied.

So … iUniverse — Yea or Nay?

The Good

  • The friendliness. Every employee I have ever spoken to at iUniverse has been incredibly polite, friendly, and eager to assist me in any way they can…

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2 Responses to Publishing with iUniverse — Yea or Nay?

  1. Many thanks for the reblog 🙂 There aren’t enough unbiased reviews out there of this company (they’re always either ARGH I HATE THEM or … actually, I don’t remember reading a glowing review of iUniverse that wasn’t clearly ghost-written by them, lol).

    • MishaBurnett says:

      I think your review is a very solid, honest one. You left your emotions out of it and just gave an objective analysis of what they offer, what they charge for it, and why you don’t believe that it’s good value for the money. It’s a lot more valuable to people trying to decide how to pursue publication than an emotional rant would be.

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