Matt Archer: Monster Hunter

Kendra C. Highley has just released a new Matt Archer book, and as busy as I am trying to wrap up Cannibal Hearts, I devoured it over the last few days.

Matt Archer: Legend continues to build on the world and the characters introduced in the first two and a half books (two novels, one novella).  It is an excellent piece of work from all perspectives, well-paced, well-plotted, written in a style both conversational and immediate.

Seriously, you are cheating yourself if you’re not following these books.  Right now the first two novels are on sale for .99 and the novella is free, and the new book is $3.99.  So for the price of a Happy Meal you can get the entire series to date.

These books are the story of an ordinary high school kid who finds himself drafted into a war between good and evil–which sounds very cliche and predictable when you put it out like that, but the way that Highley handles it makes the material very fresh and exciting.

To be honest, there were a few places in Legend where I expected her to go in the safe, derivative direction and she confounded my expectations.  The story is full of surprises, both good and bad, and will keep you guessing until the end.

Just do it, okay?  This is some of the best writing, period, that I have come across in a long time.

Kendra C. Highley’s Amazon Page

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2 Responses to Matt Archer: Monster Hunter

  1. Thanks for the awesome review! I’m dying to know what story elements surprised you. : )

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