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Amazon had Ray Bradbury ebooks on sale for $1.99 today. Being (euphemistically) between jobs, I can only afford two. I bought The Illustrated Man and Dandelion Wine.

Browsing the titles of the short stories, I realized that some of them, like “The Veldt,” I don’t have to re-read; the story, the setting, the imagery, affected me so strongly, it blossoms from my memory fully formed, like Athena from Zeus’s head.

I discovered Bradbury in high school when we read “The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit.” After high school, I worked in a couple of bookstores, including Scribner’s on Fifth Avenue. I read voraciously then, and devoured Bradbury’s collections. When I went overseas to London, I sought out British collections of his work, just to have them. I adored the rhythms of the worlds he created.

But I am a 1963 baby.

I grew up with television, and then color television, and…

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