Audiobooks on–any experience?

After formatting Cannibal Hearts for CreateSpace (a project that involved inventing entirely new cusswords to adequately describe the experience) I posted an update to my FaceBook page, and damned if the very next comment was, “Is there an audiobook version?”

An audiobook version?  Come on, people, I’m sweating blood here, getting this damned thing to market, and it’s not good enough that I have it in e-book and print, you want audio, too?  How about I release a special edition just for you, tattooed on the skin of my back!  Would that make you happy?

But, seriously, I have had a number of people ask for an Audiobook edition.  I actually tried a Kickstarter project to hire a professional musician/voice actor to produce one for Catskinner. (It was a dismal failure, which taught me a lot about crowdfunding, starting with the basic fact that you must have the fan base first or else it’s a colossal waste of time.)

In any event, I am now looking into, which is yet another subsidiary of Amazon.  It works by getting people who have books together with people who have the talent and tools to record them.  The basic idea seems sound, although in my case I don’t know if someone is going to be willing to front the time in exchange for royalties when my sales record isn’t that spectacular.

Has anyone out there in Writerland tied to produce an audiobook through them before?  Have you purchased audiobooks produced through them? (They release them through

I’ve put my books up on the site looking for readers, I’ll let you know how it works out for me.  The market for audiobooks seems to be increasing–a number of people I know have said that listening is their preferred medium.

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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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6 Responses to Audiobooks on–any experience?

  1. Tuan Ho says:

    Mischa, you need to read this:

    It’s probably the most comprehensive post on ACX I’ve ever read.

    And his follow-up post:


  2. mrsgillies says:

    Oh I’d love to be the voice on an audiobook! I’d totally do it for free. However i don’t know if you want an Australian accent…

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