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For many people in the United States, today, Friday, August 30th, is the beginning of the three-day Labor Day weekend. Many will not have to go to work on Monday, and will enjoy the day beachside or poolside, perhaps barbequing, perhaps sleeping in, perhaps catching up on laundry and other household chores.

It’s reality, and reality *does* often leave a lot to the imagination.

I cancelled a job interview earlier this week.

It was for a reception/office assistant position in property management (my last field), in a “very nice office,” about ten or fifteen minutes from home, but the wage offered was about fifty cents an hour less than what I previously made, and I would pay about 15% of the healthcare insurance costs. Essentially, after federal, state and local taxes, I would be bringing home about $8.00 an hour. But, according to my recruiter, it seemed perfect for me.


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