Slidin’ into the Weekend


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It’s Friday, and I’m feeling a little goofy, but I realized that I don’t have enough goofy photos to keep Fridays light-hearted.

I will have to remedy that.

Bill Watterson, of course, is the “father” of Calvin & Hobbes, which is, in my opinion, just about the greatest comic strip in the history of forever (hyperbole much, do you, hmmm?). In my world, it just barely beats Bloom County, and considering I STILL HAVE my stuffed Opus plush penguin doll, is saying a lot.

Ah, but to each his own dentrifice.








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2 Responses to Slidin’ into the Weekend

  1. Dave Higgins says:

    Excellent timing.

    My computer has been mostly broken (internet but no word-processing functionality) since Tuesday evening, so I needed an incentive not to spend today catching up on all the writing and editing I did not do this week.

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