The Order Of The Stick

I have been reading for pleasure this weekend, with no apology and surprisingly little guilt.

I’ve actually been reading Rich Burlew’s truly amazing webcomic, The Order Of The Stick.  I have been following it for a while, and this weekend I decided to start at the beginning and reread the entire run, and damn, it’s as good as I remember.

The strip follows a group of D&D characters who know that they are D&D characters, and there is a great deal of self-referential humor.  It’s not necessary to actually know how to play D&D to follow the strip (although many of the jokes are funnier if you have a basic grasp of the game mechanics.)

Burlew also plays with a lot of the tropes of fantasy fiction in general, poking fun at stereotypes and cliches.  Under all the humor, however, he manages to make some very good points about the nature of good and evil, both in fiction and in real life.

The best way I can explain it is to just give you an example.  This one is from fairly late in the strip, but you don’t need all the backstory to appreciate the dialog.



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4 Responses to The Order Of The Stick

  1. OOTS is fantastic 🙂 I actually have an OOTS mousepad I’m using right now — Lord Shojo holding up his cat, and the text reads “IM IN UR CASSEL ADVIZIN UR KING”. Hehehehe …

    Seriously though, it’s a brilliant series. The first strips were really more about making fun of the game mechanics, but since then it’s really blossomed into a complex, insightful, and excellent story.

  2. Forgot how funny and well written that webcomic is. Read it years ago and fell behind. Glad to see it’s still going strong.

  3. Green Embers says:

    Love Order of the Stick!

  4. vozey says:

    Never seen it before, thanks for pointing me towards it. Looks hilarious.

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