Motivation Monday: Experience: The Ultimate Teacher

Here Comes the Sun


Experience, aka Life, is an incredible teacher, if we allow ourselves to see it as such.

I know usually I’m guilty of being so immersed in what-I’m-in-the-middle-of that I don’t recognize the lessons I’m being taught until way after I’ve come up for air. I have to consciously stop myself and “be in the moment” to participate actively, as opposed to participating reactively. It’s very hard to do.

Marketing one’s work is an active experience teacher. We have to send work “out there” and hope it resonates with viewers (or readers, or listeners or customers, etc.), but we have to be aware of which delivery method succeeds, and which doesn’t, and modify accordingly. We have to monitor the perceived value of our message and content. We have to compete with all of the images that bombard our viewers every day.

Marketing never rests.

I want my work “out…

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