Twenty Questions For Read Tuesday


Read Tuesday participating author RLL (hey, it’s the name on the books, okay?) has come up with an idea: Twenty Questions With [Your Name Here].

Here’s how it works:

  • You use my contact page to send me a message.
  • I send you twenty questions.
  • You send me the answers, and links to your web presence.
  • I post your answers and the links here

Easy, no?  The idea is to start working on gaining exposure for authors so that when the ball drops on December 10th someone who reads my blog will see your name on the Read Tuesday catalog and think, “Oh, yeah, I remember that name–interesting answers.  I’ll check out the book!”

Got it?  Good.

About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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4 Responses to Twenty Questions For Read Tuesday

  1. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    A fun idea for Read Tuesday.

  2. RLL contacted me a couple of days ago, and I’ve been trying to put a post about this on Read Tuesday, but it looks like I won’t get to it until tomorrow evening. I’m glad you’re getting the word out sooner than I am. 🙂

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