TPG reviews: Catskinner’s Book, By Misha Burnett

The Parasite Guy reviews “Catskinner’s Book”.

The parasite guy

Just a random thought before we begin: this book’s cover strongly reminds me of That Series whenever I look at it. I’m assuming that this wasn’t intentional. Anyway…

A unique thrill ride of a novel, let down somewhat by a weak ending.

Catskinner’s Book is a science fiction/urban fantasy novel set in a surreal world unlike any that you have seen before.

James Ozryck has a monster in his head.

All of his life the entity that he calls Catskinner has made him a fugitive, afraid to get too close to anyone, afraid to stay in one place for too long. Catskinner kills, without compassion and without warning, and is very good at it.

Now James has learned that Catskinner is not the only monster in the world, a world that has suddenly become a far stranger and more dangerous place than he imagined. In order to survive he…

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About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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3 Responses to TPG reviews: Catskinner’s Book, By Misha Burnett

  1. Brandon McM says:

    I must’ve been biased, knowing there was a second book. I felt the ending was a cliffhanger, less a letdown. I am thankful every day for James’s universe and my relationship with Misha, hoping this continues beyond the trilogy, if even in ancillary ways.

    But hey, critique couldn’t hurt, right?

    • MishaBurnett says:

      Like I said over there, I agree that the ending was weak. It was my first book, and I while I believe that I wrote as well as I could at the time, I’ve learned a lot since then. And I’m beginning to suspect that it’s going to run more than a trilogy, in Worms Of Heaven I keep coming up with ideas that i want to pursue, but aren’t going to fit into this book.

      I appreciate all critiques. I mean, I love hearing people tell me I’m wonderful, but the really useful ones are the ones that tell me how I could be better.

  2. BTW, Spell check on a tablet is hell. That last review was me, Brandon McKernan. 🙂

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