What Is Cobb Russwin Reading?

In Cannibal Hearts there is a scene where Nancy Dew describes the book she is reading, and while I don’t mention the name, it’s The Demon’s Apprentice by Ben Reeder. I describe the book and the cover well enough, I think, that someone who is familiar with the book would recognize it.  I put it in there, frankly, because Ben Reeder had just preformed my daughter’s wedding.  It was the kind of an obscure reference that I enjoy doing because, well, I’m like that.

Now I find myself in a scene where James is talking to Cobb Russwin, and I need some kind of light dinner conversation.  It occurs to me that I’d like to have Cobb talk about the book he’s reading, and I’d like to be able to plug a self-published work.

So what is Cobb Russwin reading?  Well, he’s a former Marine, well-traveled, with an interest in history and geography.  He likes big thick historical books like James Clavell”s Shogun or James Michener’s Hawaii.

Any recommendations for a self-published work of either historical fiction or non-fiction?  It doesn’t have to be set in the Pacific, although that would be my first choice.


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6 Responses to What Is Cobb Russwin Reading?

  1. sknicholls says:

    The Historical Fiction I am just starting now is by recently self published author, fellow blogger and Europhile, Patrick O’Bryon. It’s awesome. Not about the Pacific though, about Nazi Germany. “Corridor of Darkness.” His web address, if you would like to get to know him.

  2. Sue says:

    I also put little private jokes into my writing because they amuse me. Cannibal Hearts is in the mail, though I’m curious to read “light dinner conversation” with these two (is Catskinner part of the conversation?) Sorry don’t know of any self pub that would fit your needs.

    • MishaBurnett says:

      It’s a scene where the characters are waiting for something to happen, and I really can’t rehash “the story so far” dialogue any more, so I need for them to have something to talk about.

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