Who Would History Say Destroyed The Ring?

A really interesting question.

Noelle Campbell

It occurs to me, that unless Samwise actually told everyone what happened – because you can’t imagine that Frodo told anyone what actually happened – that everyone has to assume that Sam actually destroyed the ring, or killed Gollum while Gollum had the ring, because of Frodo’s telltale missing finger. samwiseBecause by the time they reached Mt. Doom, Sam had everything: Sting, the phial of Galadriel, and all the equipment. No one would have asked Frodo about it either, you don’t ask a surviving vet about how he lost a limb, but knowing Frodo and knowing Sam, and knowing how Frodo saved Gollum at the pool from Faramir, and knowing how viciously Sam defended Frodo, it would be a non sequitur to assume Sam killed Gollum after he bit Frodo’s finger. What do you think J.R.R. Tolkien fans?

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