On The Right Track

Musicals are my kryptonite.

I’m a big tough guy, I fix things and I’ve had all kinds of tough guy jobs, I’m all covered with hair, I’ve got tattoos–tres butch, you know? Machismo for days.

But once I hearing a stirring overture and the curtain rises, it’s flame on! and I’m batting my eyelashes and sashaying all over.  I can’t help it.  Inside this big, mean Neanderthal is a tiny Judy Garland fighting to get out.

It’s hard for me to say what my absolutely favorite musical is, but if you put a gun to my head and forced me to make a choice I would probably say Pippin.  Steven Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson created a masterpiece.

Today I was having some back pain, a chronic condition acerbated by spending much of this week shoveling snow (that tough guy thing I was talking about) and I need to take a break from sitting.  My roommate suggested that we go to the park and take a walk.  I took my Kindle and my headphones, and while I was walking, the music set on shuffle, “On The Right Track” from Pippin came up.

It was exactly what I needed.  The day was bright and sunny, fairly warm (or at least not brutally cold) Forest Park is a truly beautiful area for a walk, around the Grand Basin in front of Art Hill, and there was Ben Vereen, giving me the advice I need to hear so often.

I wanted to share this song with all of you.

You look frenzied, you look frazzled
Peaked as any alp
Flushed and rushed and razzle-dazzled
Dry your lips, damp your scalp
Now I can see you’re in a rut in
And I’m not one to butt in
But in fact I must say
If you’d take it easy, trust awhile
Don’t look blue, don’t look back
You’ll pull through in just awhile
‘Cause you’re on th right track

Why look flurried, flustered
Keep those hopes aloft
Keep cool as custard
Trying hard, stepping soft
There’s no trick to staying sensible
Despite each cul-de-sac
‘Cause each step’s indispensable
When you’re on the right track

Many when things get dank will feel their grip go
We stay tranquil, spirits high, pulses low

But! What I’ve left behind looks trifling
What’s ahead looks black
Am I doomed to spend my life a-lingering on
Lingering on
Just lingering on
Malingering on the right

Oh, I’ll never find it…. never…. never….never….

Easy baby…
You’re on the right track!

About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008MPNBNS
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1 Response to On The Right Track

  1. mrsgillies says:

    Oh i love musicals! I love the theatre full stop.

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