EDIT:  When I published this piece I omitted half of the creative team behind the strip, because I only knew the name of the artist.  I have since been informed of the identity of the writer and have updated the post to reflect this.

I have been wanting to do a post on this webcomic for quite a while now.

What has held me back to date is that it frequently handles adult themes, and by “handle” I mean, caress, stroke, pinch, bite, scratch, and lick.  Oglaf is quite frankly an erotic comic strip.  Not safe for work, not safe for minors or the easily offended.  Marginally safe for the difficult to offend.

However, the strip’s creators, artist Trudy Cooper and writer Doug Bayne, have taken the genre and made it their own.   They add generous quantities of fantasy, surrealism, parody, and absurdity and the resulting mixture is… unique.

Before I get to the links I want to make sure that I have been absolutely transparent regarding the content.  The very first strip opens with graphic drawings of a man masturbating.  You have been warned.

Now that warning is out of the way, let me go on to say that same strip veers rapidly into the realms of the bizarre.  The man’s ejaculate becomes animate and runs off to tell the man’s sorceress mistress what he has been doing.  She has put him under an enchantment to prevent such behavior, see… oh, trust me, it makes perfect sense in the story.

Not all of the strips deal with sex, although Cooper’s drawings are so lush and voluptuous that there is an erotic tension in even the bleakest scenes.  Bayne also lampoons fantasy fiction tropes with an unerring eye, resulting in some of the funniest stories that I have ever read. Think “O, Wicked Wanda,” if Wanda Van Kreesus happened to grow up on Diskworld.

The reason that I am finally overcoming my resistance to promoting a NSFW site on my blog is this particular strip (which, is actually pretty safe, all things considered): Even Now Sithrak Oils The Spit.

They have followed this story up with a couple of others that mention Sithrak, The Blind Gibberer.  The latest one made me decide that Sithrak is exactly the sort of thing that deserves a reference in The Book Of Lost Doors. 

And if I can put a reference to Oglaf in my books, I damn well should be able to do it in my blog. Take a look at the strip (carefully, when you are sure no one is looking over your shoulder).  It’s not for everyone, but you might just find that it’s for you.

The Oglaf Archives.  Enter At Your Own Risk

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