Agents Of SHIELD: Rant/Spoiler/Question

Okay, this has to do with the latest episode of Agents Of SHIELD, “Nothing Personal” aired on 29 APR 14.

So if you haven’t seen it and intend to, please don’t read any further.

If you have already seen this episode, or if you don’t follow the show, I would like some opinions on one of the choices made by a character in the episode.

SPOILER WARNING: Beyond this point I discuss critical events that occur in this episode. 

Are we all clear on this? People who are waiting to see this episode to find out what happens have left the room?  I can speak freely?

All right, a little background.  Skye is the Magic Hacker of the team, able to do pretty much whatever the plot of the show requires, whether or not it would be remotely possible (this isn’t a superpower as such, it’s just a side effect of living in Televisionland.)

She was a bad guy in the first episode, and then was recruited by Agent Colson because… well, there was never any explanation why recruiting Skye makes any kind of sense, actually, but it happened.  So she’s a good guy now.

Ward is an experienced agent who was assigned to be Skye’s training officer.  He has been in a mentor-type relationship with Skye, gaining her trust, teaching her how to be an agent, and sharing long steamy looks loaded with inexplicable sexual tension at random and inappropriate moments.

Ward, of course, is revealed as an agent of HYDRA, since he’s the only white male on the show who isn’t either the boss or completely useless.

Now, here’s the question.  Skye has cast a magic hacker spell on some information that HYDRA wants.  In order to read the drive that it is on, the bad guys have to bring that drive to a particular location that only Skye knows.

Skye is being held by Ward and another HYDRA agent, a superpowered cyborg with a bomb in his head. The bad guys need to get the information from Skye.

So what the superpowered cyborg does is to shoot Ward with a thingie that stops his heart, and tells Skye that he will only turn it off and let Ward live if Skye reveals the magic location.

Now, let’s remember that Skye has learned that Ward betrayed both the agency and her personally.  She knows that Ward is responsible for the deaths of a lot of people, some of whom she knew.  Ward has been lying to her and emotionally manipulating her the entire show.  Skye also knows that the rest of the team, people that she admires, are dedicated to bringing Ward down at all costs.  Earlier in the episode Skye attempted to hide a weapon from Ward, presumably to use against him.

So naturally Skye says, “You’re killing Ward for me?  Cool, thanks.  Maybe HYDRA isn’t so bad after all.  Do you mind if I watch him flop around for a while before he croaks?”

Well, no.  Actually what Skye does is cave.  “Oh, please Mr. Superpowered Cyborg whom I have absolutely no reason to trust, save this evil bastard who destroyed the agency that I love and I will give you all the information that you want.  And a pony.”

Excuse me?  Exactly what are we trying to say here, writers?  Skye is supposed to be in training to be a field agent.  She’s received weapons and combat training–from Ward, actually.  She knows that she is at war here, with a very ruthless and violent enemy that has them outnumbered and outgunned.  A few hours ago she saw the body of a fellow agent that Ward garroted with piano wire.

What conceivable reason does Skye have to compromise her own mission–which is to keep the data from HYDRA, remember–in order to save the life of an enemy combatant?

Is it because the good guys don’t kill people?  She wasn’t even the one doing the killing–it was one bad guy killing another bad guy to try to influence her.

Or is it because Skye is a girl, and in the end girls will always betray their ideals to save the hot guy, even when they know the hot guy is scum who deserves to die?

I don’t know.  I just know that this episode left a bad taste in my mouth.

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6 Responses to Agents Of SHIELD: Rant/Spoiler/Question

  1. I seemed pretty convenient to me. I would have let him croak off. On the other hand, that Colson line, “Huh,” was priceless.

  2. The sense I got was that they were trying to show that Skye A) still has feelings for Ward, despite his betrayal, and B) that she’s not up to “specialist” level Agentry here, as in she’s been training to fight and shoot people and whatnot, but she’s never actually done so, and here, now, faced with the choice of killing someone, she balks. It actually kind of reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 2, in which Buffy’s vampire boyfriend Angel turns evil and starts murdering people. She’s given the chance to kill him, but she can’t … and then she learns to regret this mistake, and when she gets the chance the next time, she takes it. So potentially they’re setting up Skye to take Ward down (maybe next season), when she’s come more to terms, emotionally, with his evilness. On the other hand, the story arc might take us in the direction that Ward is only in Hydra because he’s loyal to what’s-his-face, his SO, and that Skye saved him because somewhere inside she sensed there was still good in him, Darth Vader style. These are my thoughts!

  3. Ryan M. Church says:

    Either Skye is completely stupid or she realizes that Deathlok will kill her next if she allows Ward to die. But it isn’t clear where she falls on that spectrum.

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