My Hobby is not About Making Sure Anyone Stays in Business

It’s about gaming, but it applies to fiction as well, I believe.

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Seriously, people, I’m in this for the games. Good games, specifically: the short list of the greatest hobby games that were ever made. It’s pretty simple, really.

For the past ten years I’ve heard about all this stuff I’ve got to do to keep the industry going. I’ve got to shop at the friendly local game store, because without brick and mortar establishments we’re not going to get new players. I’ve got to stop going the full edition war because I’m going to scare the civilians out there on the sidelines. I’ve got to get excited about some kind of stupid plastic toy variant of a classic game because somehow it’s going to help the wider gaming scene and justify further development of a great property. I’ve got to buy stuff I don’t really need or want in order to “support” worthy game lines and creators. And so on.


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