Read My New Book, Damnit, I Want To Talk About It!

So now that I have launched The Worms Of Heaven I find myself wanting to talk about it, to ask people what worked and what didn’t, to see which characters they want to see more of, and basically find out what everyone wants to see in Gingerbread Wolves. 

But I can’t, because I’ve only sold four copies and I hope that more people than that will read it eventually, so I need to wait until everyone who reads this blog and wants to read the book has had a chance to do so, because spoilers.

Grrr,  The waiting is the hardest part.


About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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12 Responses to Read My New Book, Damnit, I Want To Talk About It!

  1. That’s what almost all authors are thinking, at least when the sales have yet to pour in. But you had the courage to say it. 🙂 Good luck. (What an excellent opportunity for readers to be able not only to read a book, but to discuss it with the author. Personal attention, especially at this level, is so hard to come by.)

  2. LindaGHill says:

    I’m tryin’! I’m tryin’! 😉

  3. LindaGHill says:

    The good news is, you can start plotting your revenge now for when I give you mine to read. haha

  4. sknicholls says:

    When is your ENT deal again? I’m glad to have people interested in beta reading for me. So far I have five, plus the two who are already reading. I’m thrilled. In a couple of years, when I have a couple of more books under my belt, I hope to release them back to back in the series. I know it takes time to build an audience, but I’ll keep writing. Crime fiction is a saturated market, I understand. Hopefully, I’ll have my unique character base built by then. You certainly have yours. I’m impressed.

    • MishaBurnett says:

      My ENT deal is September 3d.

      • sknicholls says:

        I’m hoping that gets you some good exposure. You have some good reviews on that first book, and with time you should get more on the rest. I have heard it is either a green light or nothing at all. Let’s hope it’s a green light 🙂 Waiting is the hardest thing…just keep writing. You’re instinct and talent will carry you through.

  5. (Finally) Started Cannibal Hearts last night, so it might be a while before I reach Worms. Still, I’m sure enough people will beat me to it for the talking to start before too long 🙂

    By the way, dumb question: what does “ENT” mean? I saw sknicholls’ comment, and that particular abbreviation is new to me.

  6. I’m so behind! Congratulations on finishing and launching. I commiserate – and can’t help right now. Bummer.

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