Learn To Swim

My last blog post was bitter, and probably not entirely professional.  I do try to be positive in this blog, because I see it as the house organ of a cottage industry.  However I also try to be honest, because I want to use it to connect to both readers and other authors.  Sometimes being honest and being positive are at odds.

I do appreciate the responses that you gave me, which make me feel that in this case being honest was the right way to go.  Those of us who are exploring the self-publishing world run into some dark alleys on occasion and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who ends up looking at a blank brick wall wondering how the heck I ended up here.

But, you know, you can either find a way to keep going or sit down and let the water bugs crawl all over you.

I am working on Gingerbread Wolves. I had one of those “Gosh, what would happen if…” moments at work today, so I’m looking at ways to make a car wreck creepy, mentally designing a giant mechanical dragon, working out the details of an inverted Gnosticism–you know, the usual.  I pushed the boundaries of my sandbox a little bit in the last book, so I’ve got a little more room to play in this one.   Titans, for example.  I definitely need some titans in this book.

The point is that I did my kvetching and got it out my system.  I do love writing, and I am excited about this oddball universe I’ve made.

I’ve also started a shared universe project on Facebook.  It may not come to anything, but I’d like to open up an invitation to anyone who wants to check it out. The Jungle City Writer’s Group–read what I have and if it interests you, join in.

And I should be putting together a story for Write Club Fight Club soon.  The constraints are odd–I have to write a story about revenge without using the word “said”. I’ll keep you posted.

Onward, right?

Fortune Favors The Bold!


About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008MPNBNS
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3 Responses to Learn To Swim

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Excellent. I’ll check out the fb group. Enjoying the book so far. 🙂
    Thanks for the acknowledgement! 😀

  2. sknicholls says:

    Onward march….never let them catch you standing still.

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