Immanent Danger And How To Fly Straight Into It

Michelle Proulx is an inspiration to me.  She’s a talented young author who wrote a very clever YA comedy in space called Immanent Danger And How To Fly Straight Into It.  

It’s a fun book, with a delightful main character who is suddenly abducted from her high school and thrust into a mad cosmos full of terrifying aliens and dashing space pirates.

Fortunately she was able to find a publisher right away.  Unfortunately, that publisher turned out to be iUniverse and the results were less than satisfactory.  She spent a lot of money and gave up the rights to her novel and didn’t get a decent product out of them.

At this point, a lot of authors give up.  Not Michelle.  Not only did she continue working on the (at this point) long awaited sequel, Chasing Nonconformity, she refused to let iUniverse keep her first novel.  She fought to get the rights back, and she won.

Now Imminent Danger is back, newly re-edited with a snazzy new cover.  This time she is publishing it herself.

Imminent Danger Cover Reveal

Nice cover, huh?

For more information, please check out Michelle’s blog. 


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2 Responses to Immanent Danger And How To Fly Straight Into It

  1. Thanks so much — for the cover reveal, and for the very kind words 🙂 By the way, I finished Worms of Heaven and I ADORED it! Gonna get my act together and write a review ASAP.

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