Do You Have A Series On Amazon? Has This Happened To You?  The Book Of Lost Doors  Kindle Store Here’s an interesting issue that I have just become aware of.

My novels are part of a series that I call The Book Of Lost Doors. They are listed that way on Amazon, with the series title and number listed after the title on each book.

However, if you click on the highlighted series name, it does not take you to a page that shows my series, but a page with a lot of different books, most of which have nothing in common with mine–no common words in the series name, no common keywords, no connection at all that I can see.

Is there a way to use the series title to allow readers to find all of the books in your series, and not find other books with no connection to yours?



I have e-mailed Amazon and will update this when I get a response, I was just wondering if anyone had dealt with this issue before and knew how to fix it.


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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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13 Responses to Do You Have A Series On Amazon? Has This Happened To You?

  1. Weird. I just did this and another fantasy book shows up on the bottom of the list. No connection to mine even as an ‘Also Bought’. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tweaked a sorting program to do something specific and this was a side-effect.

    Even stranger, I just stopped writing to see if it happened to other series. I clicked on ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ to find the Divergent Trilogy, a book that had fire and ice in the title, an erotic trilogy, and . . . Ender’s Game? Me thinks an Amazon program or employee has gone insane.

  2. Seeing as I haven’t actually published a series yet, this is just a theory — when you go into your ebook settings, is there a place in the metadata where you can slot in a series name and a number in the series? That might help. Otherwise, no clue.

  3. Glenn Hefley says:

    Sins of the Past Oct 30, 2014 is listed on your author page as well. Some times you need to clean out books that aren’t yours.. this is likely causing the problem. But that is definitely a crappy mess of programming there. Clicking on the “series” link should.. well.. list the series. I would stay on them and if you want I’ll add my voice in there as well .. cause its hard enough to sell our stuff without them doing crap like that to us. At the very least the prospective customer is going to think there isn’t another book in the series.

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