Eating Cake with Grendel

Something to think about from Davetopia


‘Don’t feed the trolls’ is a phrase most people with more than a passing experience of internet discussion have encountered; and there is much to recommend it as a default position. However, not everyone has cause to be scared of trolls. Or agrees on what a troll is. So are there situations where it is reasonable or even beneficial to sit down with trolls? I believe so.

After decades of arguing cases in court, I have had my statements sieged by people of immense intellectual power more often than I can count; people who can find the slightest chink in an argument and use it to tear down the entire edifice; people of both higher authority and social standing than myself. And after the case, many of them chatted about other things or complimented me on the power of my arguments while we had a cup of tea, shared a…

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One Response to Eating Cake with Grendel

  1. Dave Higgins says:

    The answer for when to respond could well be different for everyone, but I don’t think it serves anyone to limit discussion only to people who can express their point in perfect English, structured formally, and free from any hint of personal involvement.

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