The Bonafide Literary Show

Getting a positive review for my work is always a thrill, but this one is particularly gratifying.

Deidra Hughey is an author, blogger, self-described Eroticist, and multi-media promoter of independent authors.  She runs The Avid Reader Nation, which produces three regular podcasts, The Bonafide Literary Show, OutSkirts Science Fiction Theatre, (which featured me reading my story “We Pass From View” on April 24th) and The Book Tea With Deidra Hughey.

Today Deidra reviewed Catskinner’s Book on her program, and what makes her review very special to me is that she choose to give it on her literary podcast, not the science fiction one.

That means a lot to me because it shows that she believes that I am writing not just for science fiction fans, but for everyone.  That’s one of the main goals I set for myself as a writer.

I believe that fiction–at its best–is a way of breaking down the walls that separate us. Our life experiences are different, our viewpoints are different, but if I can tell a story that lets you feel what I feel and see what I see, that brings us closer together.

Traditional publishing and the traditional marketing models, unfortunately, have served to blunt the power of fiction by trying to keep books in narrowly defined genres.  This is a fantasy novel–we can only sell it to fantasy readers.  This is science fiction, we can only sell it to science fiction readers.  This is a paranormal erotic romance about werewolves, we can only sell it to paranormal erotic romance about werewolves readers. And so on.

Deidra not only believes in breaking down these walls, she’s doing something about it. She uses her podcasts as a literary melting pot, introducing all of her listeners to new authors without worrying about who is supposed to be reading what.  If she thinks a story is good, she’ll talk about it.

So check out her site and give it a listen.  Not only will you hear her say good things about my work, you will be exposed to new voices, authors that you might not hear about anywhere else. No matter what your background, you’ll find something on her program that is new to you, a fresh perspective, a new horizon.

And isn’t that what reading a good book is all about?


About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle.
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2 Responses to The Bonafide Literary Show

  1. paws4puzzles says:

    Well done – Deirdra, as you probably know, is hard to please.

  2. Lol! Really, Debbie? I might have been offended if I hadn’t been told the same thing my entire life. Thanks you for the write up, Misha.

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