A Math Professor Consults on a Hollywood Movie

Yeah, what he said.

Math with Bad Drawings

Movie Executive: So, do you have any feedback on the mathematics in the script?

Math Professor: Wait… it had mathematics?

Executive: Yes! That’s why we brought you in and gave you this free lunch.

Professor: Ah, you mean where the bomb counts down from 10 to 1? That was well-done. All the right integers, in just the right order.

Executive: No, no. For example, the villain’s chief scientist uses the secret equation to stop all the traffic in the city.

Professor: Ah… that. Tell me, what is a secret equation?

Executive: Let’s say youwanted to get every car in the city to stop, by hacking into the traffic system and turning the lights to red. What equation would a mathematician use?

Professor: That’s not what mathematicians do.

ExecutiveBut if you did, what would you use?

Professor: Traffic…

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