Maxims for writers

You can never cover the basics too often.

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NOTE: Fans of Niven and Heinlein will recognize the fingerprints of those two fine masters here.

In no particular order . . . .

There is writing for readers, and there is writing for other writers, and there is writing for critics. I strongly advise the first, and I also strongly advise against the second and third. Why? Because other writers are not the audience. Critics are also not the audience. This is sometimes difficult to discern in a very-small genre like Science Fiction, where the lines between authors and fans, authors and critics, fans and critics, etc., are extremely blurry. So many authors get themselves tied up in knots worrying about what has gone before. They will launch themselves into ever more esoteric experiments with style and subject, trying to “innovate” for the sake of jaded eyes, while losing the entire point: that each new generation of readers comes…

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