Social Justice and Gender Therapy

Some important thoughts on gender identity and politics.

Source: Social Justice and Gender Therapy

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2 Responses to Social Justice and Gender Therapy

  1. That’s one scary dystopian story.

  2. I left this comment on the actual post:
    I am so glad to read some criticial analysis of the kinds of “support” and “therapy” individuals who question their gender identity have been/are receiving. Too little, too late, for most, but at least this could open a conversation, perhaps cause a few to step back and remember their therapist training or improve upon it.

    The same superficial response often happens when a client comes in with domestic violence or rape trauma, or a client of an oppressed minority (heritage, religion, whatever) comes to therapy and complains about depression. Therapists are quick to absolve all other causes or not even to look into them. Instead, clinicians often attribute any and all symptoms solely to clients’ undoubtedly oppressive and dangerous circumstances, which may be factors but are not the entire picture of these clients’ mental status.

    There must be a better middle ground upon which clients and therapists can meet, without knee-jerk reactions, so that individuals can be safely and respectfully assessed and appropriate therapeutic modalities utilized, yes?

    Particularly before people start surgically removing body parts or irrevocably changing their family and community relationships, we need to have incorporated more accurate and thorough assessments, deeper conversations and reasonable passages of contemplative time.

    Best to you,

    Sally Ember, Ed.D.

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