It is in the far distant future.  The human race is gone, vanished from the Earth, leaving behind ruins and their successors–those who have been their companions and protectors since the dim reaches of history.

You are one of those companions of the vanished human race.  Armed with your wits, your courage, and your loyalty, you fight to rebuild civilization from the chaos, guided by fragments of human knowledge and their command to all of your kind:

Be a good dog.

Welcome to the world of Pugmire. It’s the brainchild of my old friend Eddy Webb.  Eddy has been a game designer for quite a few years now, first with White Wolf and then on his own as a freelancer.  Eddy also happens to love pugs. I used to dog-sit his first pug, Puck, now lost to us over the rainbow bridge.

Eddy has designed a fantasy role playing game which is set in a post-human world populated by animals with human intelligence and tool using ability.  It is based on the d20 Open Game License and designed to be family friendly.   The focus of the game is on dogs as player characters and contains rules for creating characters of different breeds and classes.

There is more information–and some cool artwork–on the Pugmire Kickstarter Page.  Eddy has partnered with Onyx Path Publishing, who will be handling the printing and distribution of the finished game.

I know, I very seldom post links for crowdfunding projects, and here I’ve posted two in the same month.  I’m not even involved in this one (although I’ll admit to being part of the genesis of the project–when Eddy posted his first thoughts about a game involving talking dogs in a D&D style game I was one of a couple of dozen people who encouraged him to go for it.)

But I think it’s a cool idea, I know Eddy’s work and he’s good at what he does, and I know that some of my blog readers are also avid gamers. So if you’ve ever had a hankering to be a Corgi with a battleaxe (and come on, who hasn’t?) check it out.

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  1. I am not a gamer but will tell my children about it. 🙂

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