What Happened To Us And The American Dream?

Some disturbing data.

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Our young have been screwed. If only the knew how badly they have been ripped off. The fact is that what’s being ripped off isn’t just money, it’s dreams.  It’s the ability to have the life their parent have, homes, cars and families.  But bit by bit that dream has sort of gone away.  I suspect that it seems so far away for so many. Why dream for things, that more than likely you won’t be able to have.


This article is optimistic. Unfortunately I think that it depends on a reality that’s been nearly destroyed.  You can’t buy a house if you don’t make enough money to pay for it.  Job growth is at best anemic and hasn’t kept up with the needs of the kids for jobs.


If the current administration has any legacy, it will be that they cratered the middle class and it’s dreams.  I…

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One Response to What Happened To Us And The American Dream?

  1. Elizabeth Burnett says:

    The times they are a changing. I’ve been hearing about the “shrinking middle class” for years. People who read history and/or science fiction are more likely to see the Big Picture. It’s really not a partisan issue, although it may feel good to blame someone or hope for a savior. A constellation of issues: outsourcing, for-profit education, rapid technological change, unequal distribution of resources, changing weather patterns, etc., etc., etc. Humans can’t change fast enough, so lots of folks are left behind. If you want to be partisan, remember that a obstructionist Congress has stopped many measures that would help, such as debt relief. And two very expensive wars didn’t help. But the problems are global – there is unrest everywhere. Something new may emerge. Or we can keep on beating dead horses.

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