Dialoguette #4

Recently I have began doing what I call “dialoguettes” in The Dragon’s Rocketship Facebook group. They are little bits of flash fiction that consist only of dialogue–no attribution, no description, just the spoken words.  My goal is to see how much world building and character building I can do in dialogue alone, while still keeping the flow of conversation natural sounding.  It’s a fun exercise, and I think the results have been interesting.  I’ve decided to post a few here:

“So, what’s the story, Sparks?”

“It’s bad. Number one is dead. The block’s cracked clean through and we’ve got maybe two cylinders holding pressure. There’s no way that it’ll run ever again.”

“And number two?”

“It burned. The whole wiring harness is shot. Now, I can strip the harness off of number one, maybe, use it to get some juice to the glow plugs but it’ll take time. Hours.”

“So do that.”

“We haven’t got hours. We’ve got maybe one hour of battery power for the scrubbers, if we turn off everything else. After that, we stop breathing pretty quick.”

“I’ll give you a couple of swabbies–”

“It wouldn’t help. In the first place, they wouldn’t know what to do, and in the second place there’s no room in the engine bay. I can barely fit in there.”

“So what is your recommendation.”

“We have to blow the ballast. Get us up on the surface, and I can get us moving. Otherwise, we’ll die down here.”

“If we surface we’re a sitting duck. Half of their fleet is up there right now, looking for us.”

“Sitting duck or dead duck. It’s your call, Captain.”


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I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008MPNBNS
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