My Review of Roger Zelazny’s “Lord Of Light”

New review up on The Castalia House Blog.  Roger Zelazny’s Lord Of Light

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2 Responses to My Review of Roger Zelazny’s “Lord Of Light”

  1. feralplum says:

    Mr. Burnett, If you seek an audio version of ‘Lord of Light’ drop me a line. It is in seven files of ~100 MB/file.

    I thank you for calling attention to this book.

    My comment to your essay follows.

    – David

    First, an audiobook is – or was – available from Audible Frontiers.

    I do not love Sam. Nor emulate him. But I learned much of love, honor, sense, and humility from this book. I want to know Sam. The humor and references in this book are legend. As when the fit hit the Shan of Irabuck.
    Worse, every time I finish this book there seems to be something in my eye.
    The descriptions are lush. The rigorous scientific outlook of Yama is a revelation. Tak was close kin to my mind when I first read it. Brahma is shown in such a way that I may have known her. We all have. And consider the sea captain. Do you not wonder what happened to the good doctor? I may hope to grow into Jan Olveg in my old age. I someday would like to visit the room called despair – where there is a couch.

    And Kubera. I could wish to aspire to such nobility, skill and penetration. I already have his weakness.

    When we first meet Niriti the Black the revelation comes so sudden that I really want to know if he is half Irish and half Italian.

    I really don’t know if this book is a cannonade or a cavalcade, but it is so much more than one damned thing after another that many novels are these days. A classic, maybe. A treasure, certainly!


    • MishaBurnett says:

      Yes, I agree about the secondary characteristics, and, yes then ending always gets me, too. I am very interested in an audio book–I will contact you tonight when I get home from work.

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