Why I Stopped Caring About Banned Books Week

Echoing my own thoughts, but he was able to put them into words.

Under-Paid, Over-Enthused

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Banned Books Week: the week trade publishers who have already made a butt-load off a certain book try to make a little more by pretending to be oppressed.

Call me cynical.

What is this week? It’s the week we talk about books that regularly get banned from schools, libraries, and even entire towns. Texts such as that obscure tome Harry Potter, or, what’s it called again, Anne Frank, Dairy of a Girl. Good books. Important books. Books that you’ve probably read, because, uh, wait, I thought they were banned?

Ah, we found the catch. See, Banned Book Week is one of those events that sounds really good and important, until you realize, actually, there isn’t much there.

For people to care that a book is banned, a lot of people have to have already read it when the “take it away”…

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3 Responses to Why I Stopped Caring About Banned Books Week

  1. feralplum says:

    It is just another leftward ratchet. They ban speakers and books and instigate boycotts, but when the wrong books are challenged it is censorship. Putting hobby lobby or Chic Fil A out of business is good, solid SOP. Some crazy school board questioning Harry Potter is an event, I cannot get excited either.

    • MishaBurnett says:

      It’s what happens when you make a virtue out of being a victim. How good or bad a book is doesn’t matter, what matters if being able to claim that somebody, somewhere, discriminated against it.

      • feralplum says:

        But there is a bias. Google tells us that blacks cannot be racist towards whites or women sexist to men because there is a power discrepancy. We are certainly told that demanding a year of no white male writers is not censorship.

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