How the ctrl-Left drove me away from American liberalism

Essentially my own story, but better told.

Brad R. Torgersen

A good friend of mine, who also happens to be an outstanding author, once quipped, “If I am forced to choose a side, I choose the side which is not forcing me to choose sides.”

Seldom have I ever encountered phrasing more apt. Because that’s precisely how I feel. I’ve been feeling that way, for years now. It was not a sudden thing. It was a gradual realization. The slow clarity of an underlying sentiment, incrementally surfacing.

To make the picture more specific, let me lay out some background details. This is a bit wordy, so bear with me:

When I first met my wife in 1992, we were both volunteering at community radio station KRCL-FM in Salt Lake City, Utah. Back then, KRCL was something of a tentpole organization for folk who styled themselves as counter-culture. It was staffed with an oddball assortment of old-school Hippies, new-school progressives, the…

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1 Response to How the ctrl-Left drove me away from American liberalism

  1. feralplum says:

    The current Left is not a destination; it is a direction.
    The battle zone of American politics is littered with proud Leftists dazed at how they somehow became the hated right.
    Who once believed justice should be colorblind.
    Who believed conscription was slavery not good public service.
    Who believed ‘I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.’
    Who believed that all should be invited to the debate, even those descended from hated groups.

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