A Walk To The Edge Of The World

O, spirit, I can feel you watching me.

The voice that speaks from the sky–the Nar Attor–said that one would be sent to watch over me.

I am Thangorr, of the Grey Mountain People.  Have you heard of us? No? I’m not surprised, there are few of us, and we seldom travel past the Iron Hills where the Dark Folk of the caverns live.

This, though, this is kind of a special occasion.  Come, I will explain on the way.

I am pleased that you are here.  I am alone in a strange world and any company–even that of a spirit strange to me–is welcome. The spirits of my people, the Queen of Eagles, the Brothers of the White Wind, they do not leave the mountains. Perhaps that is why you have been sent to me.

There–see that blue line in the distance behind us?  Those are the Iron Hills.  Behind them, lost in the mists at the edge of the world, are the Grey Mountains. Even the Nar Attor, who seems to know all things, will not say if I may ever return there.  I fear I may die without seeing my home again.

But let us look ahead.  The chasm here before us, that is the Royal River.  It is said that as it flows it grows wider until it reaches the sea, in far Dolan, and that it is a gentle river in those parts, well-travelled by the flatboats of traders.

Alas, we must cross it here, where it is still wild. And then…

See how the ground on the opposite bank is dry and cracked?  Nothing grows there–it is the beginning of the Oddun wastes.  Strange things are said to live in that place, unnatural beasts.  I know of no one who has ventured there and returned.

Beyond that are the Fire Hills. And past the Fire Hills…

There.  See how the far horizon grows dark?  There are the lands of the Necromancer.  It is said that his power causes the clouds to always block out the sun, so that dark creatures walk abroad both day and night. In the heart of that land is the Necromancer’s Citadel. Inside that grim tower waits a task that I must do.

What?  You were not told? I will explain, but first, I must save my breath for climbing.  Don’t build the fire before you raise the ax, as my father used to say. Before anything else I must find my way across the river.

Come.  Watch me, and should I fall, take my tale to the other spirits.

About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008MPNBNS
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3 Responses to A Walk To The Edge Of The World

  1. Dave Higgins says:

    Are you waxing lyrical upon the manner of revealing setting to readers again?

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