Excerpt from “Fierce Tales: Savage Lands” (From “Nox Invictus” by Misha Burnett)

Teaser from my story “Nox Invictus” now available in Millhaven’s Fierce Tales: Savage Lands.

Millhaven Press

Captain Marius bade his troops wait at the edge of the forest and went up to the hilltop alone. He moved slowly, scanning everything with a practiced soldier’s eye.

It should have been a good position. The forest was thin, trees starved and twisted from the wretched stony soil and the brutal winds that Marius had been told came with winter in these climes. The hilltop, though, was more than thin, it was bare, weathered rock and dirt so lifeless that it was scarce worthy of the name. The knob stuck up from the surrounding trees like jagged bone forced through a wound.

The Imperials had built a stockade fence from the scrub pines, sharpened poles leaning outward at a slight angle. The trunks didn’t grow straight here, but the poles had been lashed together firmly and the fence had held. The gate was hanging ajar.

There should have been…

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