This is my writing calendar as of today.

You’ll notice that it’s not a lot different from the one I posted at the end of January. That’s because February was a rough month for me in terms of writing, and I didn’t get much done. That’s okay, I anticipated that (February is always rough for me–I hate Winter) which is why I wanted to get so far ahead in January.

So I’m on track now, more or less.

Current Stats:

* indicates stories written this year

Stories accepted: 

  • “Mystery Train” (6,300 words, Weird Western)*
  • “My Foe Outstretched” (3,800 words, Science Fiction)

Stories Out On Submissions: 

  • “Conessa’s Sword” (4,500 words, pre-Industrial Fantasy)
  • “In The Darkest Hour Of The Night” (3,500 words, Weird Horror)
  • “In The Driving Lane” (5,300 words, SF Horror, originally published in Sins Of The Future)
  • “Fragile” (4,600 words, Science Fiction)
  • “She That Was So Proud And Wild” (4,700 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)
  • “Replevin” (1,000 words, Memoir)
  • “Serpent Walk” (6,200 words, Science Fiction) *
  • “What Lola Wants” (3,200 words, Crime Noir) *
  • “In The City Of Dreadful Joy” (4,700 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy) *
  • “The Irregular” (3,700 words, SF Military)  *

Stories Complete and Available:

  • “Everyone Knows This Is The End Of The Line” (1,200 words, Dystopian SF–rejected once)
  • “Heartbeat City Homicide” (5,400 words, SF Noir)*
  • “The Hopeful Bodies Of The Young” (4,200 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)*
  • “The Island Of Forbidden Dances” (7,900 words, Dystopian SF)*
  • “Watchman, Mark The Tide” (3,700 words, Weird Tale)*

Not too shabby, when I put it all together like that. I spent a lot of time researching markets and submitting stories, when I wasn’t being productive on writing.

In my WIP Queue are “A Dreadful Feast”, unfinished Zombie Apocalypse story (my first and, God willing, last try at that particular subgenre) and “Milk, Bread And Eggs”, a humorous Alien First Contact story.

Counting “An Interrupted Scandal” and “Grand Theft Nightmare” I now have five stories set in Dracoheim (the world I invented for Bad Dreams & Broken Hearts) and several other fragments in my “Story seeds” folder, I may attempt to do a Dracoheim collection later this year or early next.

My next collection, though, will probably be straight SF, I seem to be collecting that genre fastest in terms of my “Published and rights reverted” file.

All told, February has been bleak, both inside and out, but I’m doing better than I thought.



About MishaBurnett

I am the author of "Catskinner's Book", a science fiction novel available on Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008MPNBNS
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4 Responses to February

  1. paws4puzzles says:

    Hey, can I beta your “Milk, Bread and Eggs” story when you’re done? Sounds fun. I like humor 🙂 And congrats on so many stories.

  2. Excellent. Btw, I really enjoyed your stories in Duel Visions. I read it on my plane ride across the Pacific and plan a review soon.

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