This is my writing calendar as of today.

Had some ups and downs, learned some more about my own process and how I can get out of my own way. I am still on track for the year, one quarter into it. (With a caveat, that I will discuss below.)

Current Stats:

* indicates stories written this year

Stories accepted: 

  • “Mystery Train” (6,300 words, Weird Western)*
  • “My Foe Outstretched” (3,800 words, Science Fiction)
  • “Fragile” (4,600 words, Science Fiction)
  • “She That Was So Proud And Wild” (4,700 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)
  • “What Lola Wants” (3,200 words, Crime Noir) *

Stories Out On Submissions: 

  • “Conessa’s Sword” (4,500 words, pre-Industrial Fantasy)
  • “In The Darkest Hour Of The Night” (3,500 words, Weird Horror)
  • “In The Driving Lane” (5,300 words, SF Horror, originally published in Sins Of The Future)
  • “Replevin” (1,000 words, Memoir)
  • “Serpent Walk” (6,200 words, Science Fiction) *
  • “In The City Of Dreadful Joy” (4,700 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy) *
  • “The Irregular” (3,700 words, SF Military)  *
  • “Watchman, Mark The Tide” (3,700 words, Weird Tale)*

Stories Complete and Available:

  • “Everyone Knows This Is The End Of The Line” (1,200 words, Dystopian SF–rejected once)
  • “Heartbeat City Homicide” (5,400 words, SF Noir)*
  • “The Hopeful Bodies Of The Young” (4,200 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)*
  • “The Island Of Forbidden Dances” (7,900 words, Dystopian SF)*
  • “All The Kisses In The World” (9,000 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)*
  • “Milk, Bread & Eggs” (4,500 words, Humorous SF)*
  • “The Lord Of Slow Candles” (3,700 words, Modern Fantasy)*

Incomplete Stories: 

  • “The House Of Spectral Discipline” (10,000 words, Horror/Erotica)
  • “The Mad Fishmonger” (4,400 words, Kaiju Romance)
  • “A Dreadful Feast” (6,600 words, Zombie)*
  • “A Murder In Plague Town” (2,000 words, Medical SF)*

That comes to 71,100 words written so far this year. If I can keep this pace up the rest of the year I’ll break the quarter-million mark–280,000 words, or longer than the entire Book Of Lost Doors series.

Can I keep up this pace all year? I honestly don’t know. Some days I can’t stand to look at my computer. But sitting and cranking out words seems to have become a habit. I am actually–for the first time in my life–running into a problem figuring out what my next story is going to be. I’ve always had more ideas than I had time that I was willing to devote to writing them, but now that I’ve gone Pulp Speed my output is beginning to outstrip my inspiration.

There are worse problems to have, I’m sure.

You’ll notice that I have included incomplete stories in my count. I’ve started a seperate folder for Unfinished, by which I mean stories that I haven’t finished yet–I am confident that I can pick up these at a later date. After all, many of the stories listed above were completed after a hiatus during which I worked on other things.



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2 Responses to March

  1. MishaBurnett says:

    Well, post-Kaiju Romance, really. The giant monster is already dead before the story begins.

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