Session 12 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

I have no idea who could have asked if the Seduction proficiency helped with tying people up.

The Mixed GM

Here is the full party:

Niblog the Untrustworhty = Assassin PC
Exardell = Mystic PC
Duffles the Unfortunate = Mage PC
Joan = Fighter NPC
Glevina = Elven Ranger NPC
Sherry = NPC Cleric
Broon the Smart Hobgoblin = Hobogoblin NPC who carries a torch / manages finances

Hans = Fighter PC (player is unable to join for a while, so he is sitting at the tavern and visiting the horribly wounded former adventurers)

Session Report
We have a new party member! Duffles the Unfortunate, a mage with a funny hat. It only took 45 seconds to get them up to speed (We kill stuff, take the gold from the dead, we have a powerful magic sword that we did not return to the town like we promised, and we killed the concubine of a powerful demon). The player was a little shocked, but went along with the party anyway.

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