This is my writing calendar as of today.

I’ve fallen behind for the first time this year, but I’m not upset about that. As I said when I first began this experiment, the “story a week” goal was just pulled out of thin air. As something to shoot for I still think it’s a fair benchmark, but I’m not going to beat myself up for failing to hit it.

Got some stuff going on in my personal life that has been eating up energy and, of course, it’s graduation time at the day job which is always a mess. All in all, though, I feel good about where I am.

Current Stats:

* indicates stories written this year

Stories accepted: 

  • “The Bullet From Tomorrow” (12,000 words, Time Travel SF)
  • “Mystery Train” (6,300 words, Weird Western)*
  • “My Foe Outstretched” (3,800 words, Science Fiction)
  • “Fragile” (4,600 words, Science Fiction)
  • “She That Was So Proud And Wild” (4,700 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)
  • “The Hopeful Bodies Of The Young” (4,200 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)*
  • “Replevin” (1,000 words, Memoir)
  • “What Lola Wants” (3,200 words, Crime Noir) *
  • “Everyone Knows This Is The End Of The Line” (1,200 words, Dystopian SF)

Stories Out On Submissions: 

  • “The Darkest Hour Of The Night” (3,500 words, Weird Horror)
  • “In The Driving Lane” (5,300 words, SF Horror, originally published in Sins Of The Future)
  • “In The City Of Dreadful Joy” (4,700 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy) *
  • “The Irregular” (3,700 words, SF Military)  *
  • “Watchman, Mark The Tide” (3,700 words, Weird Tale)*

Stories Complete and Available:

  • “Heartbeat City Homicide” (5,400 words, SF Noir)*
  • “The Island Of Forbidden Dances” (7,900 words, Dystopian SF)*
  • “All The Kisses In The World” (9,000 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)*
  • “Milk, Bread & Eggs” (4,500 words, Humorous SF)*
  • “The Lord Of Slow Candles” (3,700 words, Modern Fantasy)*
  • “Conessa’s Sword” (4,500 words, pre-Industrial Fantasy)
  • “Serpent Walk” (6,200 words, Science Fiction) *
  • “Worth The Candle” (11,500 words, Dracoheim Universe Fantasy)*

Incomplete Stories: 

  • “The House Of Spectral Discipline” (10,000 words, Horror/Erotica)
  • “The Mad Fishmonger” (4,400 words, Kaiju Romance)
  • “A Dreadful Feast” (6,600 words, Zombie)*
  • “A Murder In Plague Town” (2,000 words, Medical SF)*
  • “Where Your Eyes Don’t Go” (2,200 words, Time/Alternate Universe Travel SF)*

76,700 words written so far this year.  Last month I wondered if I could keep my pace up all year–as of right now I seem to be slowing down, but I’m not sweating it. I’m not burned out (not yet, anyway) just dropping from a sprint to a walk for a while. I may get a second wind.

We’ll see what happens in May.

I have several projects in the talking stage right now, which may or may not come to pass. When I can talk about them, I’ll let you know.

Right now I’m focused on The Wand That Rocks The Cradle, which is starting to take off. Oren Litwin’s first collection, The Odds Are Against Us, is free for the next three days on Amazon, by the way, if you want to pick it up.

After that, it’ll be time for Cirsova’s Summer Special, which will include my long story “The Bullet From Tomorrow” as well as five other long stories–it’s going to be all novelette or novella length stories.

And sometime after that Storyhack #4 will be out, which will include my story “My Foe Outstretched”.

Then, in October, Switchblade #11 will have my story “Whatever Lola Wants”.

Honestly, if I don’t do anything else for the rest of the year I will be more productive than I was last year. But I’m pretty sure I’m not done yet for 2019.

Fortune Favors The Bold! 



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